Saturday, September 09, 2006

Colin Forbes RIP

Publishing News reports that:
"COLIN FORBES, The author of 33 novels, died last week of heart failure aged 83, leaving a legacy that includes a string of bestsellers, many of them featuring his intrepid team of Tweed and Paula Grey, and one unpublished novel, The Savage Gorge. His long-time editor, Suzanne Baboneau, whom he followed from Macmillan to Simon & Schuster, had, only the previous day, “crossed the last ‘t’ and dotted the final ‘i’ to put the script into production. Our November publication of The Savage Gorge will be a fitting tribute to his long career as a major thriller writer.”"

Complete article here.


Anonymous said...

I think I read one of his books years ago and didn't like it that much. Never read any more of his anyway. Aren't they more of the "spy thriller" genre than straight crime fiction?
Would be interested to know your views if you want to post a review of his output. Or maybe not, given my "mother of all reading piles" upstairs.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Inevitably I have one of his in my TBR but after a friend gave it a good panning I'm a bit loathe to start it!

Anonymous said...

Ok, glad to hear that I can "rest" him for a while, if not for ever, until I hear your verdict!