Sunday, July 22, 2018

New books from Sara Blaedel (2)

I posted a few months ago about the new books coming soon from Sara Blaedel. I'm pleased to report that the first book in the Louise Rick series, The Midnight Witness, will be out in the US in October.

In August the US paperback edition of The Undertaker's Daughter, the first in the Ilka Nichols Jensen series, will be titled just The Daughter and will include a copy of The Night Women (apa Farewell to Freedom). The second book in the series, Her Father's Secret, will be out in March (US).

[I'm not sure who the translator is for these new books.]

In summary, the reading order is as follows:

Louise Rick

#1 The Midnight Witness
#2 Call Me Princess (apa Blue Blood (UK)) (apa The Silent Women (US, 2018))
#3 Only One Life (apa The Drowned Girl (US, 2018)
#4 Farewell to Freedom (apa The Night Women)
#5 The Running Girl
#6 The Stolen Angel
#7 The Forgotten Girls
#8 The Killing Forest
#9 The Lost Woman

Ilka Nichols Jensen

#1 The Undertaker's Daughter (apa The Daughter)
#2 Her Father's Secret

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