Monday, July 30, 2018

The continuation of Inspector Frost

The late R D Wingfield's Inspector Frost series, which spawned the much beloved and long-running tv series A Touch of Frost, ran to only six books:

• Frost at Christmas19891
• A Touch of Frost19902
Night Frost19923
Hard Frost19954
• Winter Frost19995
A Killing Frost20086

In recent years. a prequel series has been produced by two authors then one author under the name "James Henry":

DS Jack Frost, 1980s
First Frost   2011 1
Fatal Frost   2012 2
Morning Frost   2013 3
• Frost at Midnight   2017 4

And now, the prequel series is being continued by Danny Miller, in Lethal Frost published 9 August:

Denton, 1984. After a morning’s betting at the races, bookmaker George Price is found in his car, barely alive with a bullet in his head. As he’s rushed to hospital, Detective Inspector Jack Frost and the Denton police force start their hunt for the would-be murderer.

But with a long list of enemies who might want the bookie dead, the team have got their work cut out for them. And with a slew of other crimes hitting the area, from counterfeit goods to a violent drugs gangs swamping Denton with cheap heroin, the stakes have never been higher.

Will Frost find the answers he’s looking for before things go from bad to worse?

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