Friday, May 24, 2013

Help Needed - Janie Bolitho website

A new website has been set up for the late author Janie Bolitho: and the webmistress Jolene needs your help.

Biographical detail on the author is scant and Bolitho's DCI Roper series has not yet been reprinted and so copies are rare. Fortunately Allison and Busby have recently republished some of the Rose Trevelyan series, set in Cornwall.

If you have memories or information about Janie Bolitho, book reviews you want to share then Jolene would love you to get in touch via the website.

Janie Bolitho's Euro Crime bibliography (with a couple of reviews) is here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know, Karen. I wish I knew more about Bolitho...