Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Favourite Euro Crime Reads of 2012 - Laura

Continuing the series of Euro Crime reviewers' favourite reads of 2012 here are Laura Root's favourite Euro Crime and/or translated titles, in the order she listed them:
I would like to dedicate my top 5 of 2012 to Maxine, as without Maxine's gentle encouragement I would never have had the confidence to review for Euro Crime.

Ashes by Sergios Gakas tr Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife
The Hour of the Wolf by Hakan Nesser tr Laurie Thompson
The Nameless Dead by Brian McGilloway
The Summer of Dead Toys by Antonio Hill tr Laura McGoughlin
The Eyes of Lira Kazan by Eva Joly & Judith Perrignon tr Emily Read


Kathy D. said...

How nice! I remember Maxine's positive reviews of these books, and that I wrote several down on my TBR list.

Now I must follow through and read them, except for Hour of the Wolf, which I've read.

Again, thanks to Maxine for raising the bar on crime fiction and expanding and elevating my book choices.

Margot Kinberg said...

That's lovely! And those are excellent choices.