Monday, January 21, 2013

DVD News: Unit One

Almost six years to the day that I first blogged about it, there is now a UK release of Danish thriller series Unit One. Whether this is due to the success of The Killing et al or the praise star Mads Mikkleson's recently received for films A Royal Affair and The Hunt it is welcome news even if the show is a decade old.

Unit One, Series One, is released today on DVD.

Unit One is a long-standing Nordic Noir thriller series that tells the story of a group of staunch crime experts from an elite unit within the Danish police force. We follow their fascinating yet frightening work in the Danish underworld and witness their unflinching commitment and affectionate solidarity when pitted against horrifying, yet all-too-real, examples of the extremes of human nature they face in the line of duty. Unit One is based on true criminal cases through the last 10 years.

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