Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New UK paperbacks for April 2012

From The Bookseller's April Paperback Preview (in the 16/23/30 December edition), crime titles published in paperback this month include:

"Euro-Crime" Authors

1st April

Gordon Ferris - Truth Dare Kill

5th April

Alan Glynn - Bloodland
Simon Lewis - Border Run
Shirley McKay - Time and Tide
Fred Vargas - An Uncertain Place

12th April

S J Bolton - Now You See Me
Will Carver - The Two
Kimberley Chambers - The Schemer
Nick Drake - Egypt: The Book of Chaos
Jeremy Duns - The Moscow Option
Anton Gill - The Sacred Scroll
Mari Hannah - The Murder Wall
Lars Kepler - The Hypnotist
S(hona) G MacLean - Crucible
Hakan Nesser - The Unlucky Lottery
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - The Day is Dark

26th April

Alex Dryden - Death in Siberia
Louise Millar - The Playdate
Niamh O'Connor - Taken
Danielle Ramsay - Vanishing Point
Gerald Seymour - A Deniable Death
Marco Vichi - Death and the Olive Grove
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Midnight Palace

30th April

Adrian Magson - Death on the Rive Nord

US Authors

Steve Berry - The Jefferson Key (12th)
Lisa Brackman - Year of the Tiger (26th)
Sandra Brown - Lethal (26th)
Patricia Cornwell - Red Mist (26th)
Andrew Gross - 15 Seconds (26th)
Alice LaPlante - Turn of Mind (5th)
James Patterson & Neil McMahon - Toys (12th)
Preston & Child - Gideon's Sword (26th)
S J Rozan - Blood Rites (12th)


Shamini Flint - Inspector Singh Investigates: A Curious Indian Cadaver (5th)

A list of "Euro-Crime" books that are being published for the first time in April can be found on the New Releases page on the website. This is a first publication anywhere in the world, rather than UK specific.

For titles that are published in the UK during 2012, there is a separate list here. This is also available for the following sub-categories: Translated, Historical, First Novel (Debut) and Anthology.

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Maxine said...

Thanks for this list, Karen, I'll make good use of it. Of the ones I've already read, I highly recommend Turn of Mind (US) and Bloodland. The Unlucky Lottery is good, too.