Monday, April 30, 2012

CWA Ellis Peters (Historical) Dagger Speculation

Following on from my posts about the International Dagger and the John Creasey Dagger here are the titles that are eligible for the Ellis Peters/Historical Dagger award. The eligibility period has been brought into line with the other Daggers ie June-May and the shortlist will be announced at Crimefest in May.

The list below contains over 100 titles and this is only those titles with a "Euro" interest...:
Boris Akunin - The Diamond Chariot
Michael Arnold - Devil's Charge
Elizabeth Bailey - The Gilded Shroud
Carrie A Bebris - The Deception at Lyme
Nancy Bilyeau - The Crown
Benjamin Black - A Death in Summer
Richard Blake - The Sword of Damascus
Sam Bourne - Pantheon
Alan Bradley - I Am Half Sick of Shadows
Conor Brady - A June Of Ordinary Murders
Gyles Brandreth - Oscar Wilde and the Vatican Murders
Simon Brett - Blotto, Twinks and the Rodents of Riviera
Frances Brody - Murder in the Afternoon
Fiona Buckley - Queen Without A Crown
Fiona Buckley - Queen's Bounty
Kenneth Cameron - Winter at Death's Hotel
Cassandra Clark - A Parliament of Spies
Rory Clements - Traitor
Barbara Cleverly - The Blood Royal
Peter James Cottrell - England's Janissary
Kate Darby - The Whores' Asylum
Maurizio De Giovanni - I Will Have Vengeance
David Dickinson - Death at the Jesus Hospital
Paul Doherty - Bloodstone
David Downing - Lehrter Station
Nick Drake - Egypt: The Book of Chaos
Carola Dunn - Gone West
Jeremy Duns - The Moscow Option
Patrick Easter - The River of Fire
Sam Eastland - Siberian Red (apa Archive 17)
Mark Ellis - Princes Gate
Gordon Ferris - Bitter Water
James Fleming - Rising Blood
James Forrester - The Roots of Betrayal
Guy Fraser - Tomb of the Serpent
Margaret Frazer - The Murderer's Tale
Juan Gomez-Jurado - The Traitor's Emblem
Philip Gooden - The Ely Testament
Jason Goodwin - An Evil Eye
Dolores Gordon-Smith - Trouble Brewing
Susanna Gregory - The Piccadilly Plot
Susanna Gregory - Mystery in the Minster
Patricia Hall - Death Trap
Cora Harrison - Deed of Murder
Cora Harrison - Laws in Conflict
Tony/Anthony Hays - The Killing Way
Anthony Horowitz - The House of Silk
Claude Izner - Strangled in Paris
Dan James - Unsinkable
P D James - Death Comes to Pemberley
Michael Jecks - King's Gold
J Sydney Jones - The Silence
Susanna Jones - When Nights Were Cold
Philip Kerr - Prague Fatale
Laurie R King - Pirate King
Bernard Knight - Grounds for Appeal
Alanna Knight - The Seal King Murders
Alanna Knight - Deadly Legacy
Bernard Knight - Dead in the Dog
Deryn Lake - Death at the Wedding Feast
Janet Laurence - Deadly Inheritance
T S Learner - The Map
Giulio Leoni - The Crusade of Darkness
Shona Maclean - Crucible of Secrets
Susan Elia MacNeal - Mr Churchill's Secretary
Adrian Magson - Death on the Rive Nord
Edward Marston - A Bespoke Murder
Edward Marston - The Stationmaster's Farewell
James McGee - The Blooding
Pat McIntosh - The Counterfeit Madam
Shirley McKay - Time & Tide
The Medieval Murderers - Hill of Bones
Danny Miller - The Guilded Edge
Mark Mills - House of the Hanged (apa House of the Hunted)
Aly Monroe - Icelight
Ian Morson - A Deadly Injustice
Colin Murray - September Song
Chris Nickson - The Constant Lovers
Felix Palma - The Map of Time
S J Parris - Sacrilege
Ben Pastor - Liar Moon
Caro Peacock - Keeping Bad Company
Caro Peacock - When the Devil Drives
Anne Perry - A Christmas Homecoming
Anne Perry - A Sunless Sea
Anne Perry - Dorchester Terrace
Imogen Robertson - Circle of Shadows
Jean Rowden - Gone Astray
Rosemary Rowe - A Whispering of Spies
Norman Russell - Bills of Mortality
William Ryan - The Bloody Meadow (apa The Darkening Field)
Mark Sanderson - The Whispering Gallery
Alex Scarrow - The Candle Man
Kate Sedley - The Tintern Treasure
Lloyd Shepherd - The English Monster
Lynn Shepherd - Tom-All-Alone's (apa The Solitary House)
Sara Sheridan - Brighton Belle
Philip Sington - The Valley of the Unknowing
Dan Smith - The Child Thief
Tom Rob Smith - Agent 6
Roz Southey - Airs and Graces
Sally Spencer - Blackstone and the Great War
M Stanford-Smith - Sea of Troubles
Sara Stockbridge - Cross My Palm
Linda Stratmann - The Daughters of Gentlemen
D J Taylor - Secondhand Daylight
June Thomson - The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes
Peter Tremayne - Behold a Pale Horse
M J Trow - Silent Court
Nicola Upson - Fear in the Sunlight
Christopher Wakling - The Devil's Mask
VM Whitworth - The Bone Thief
Kate Williams - The Pleasures of Men
Elizabeth Wilson - The Girl in Berlin
Laura Wilson - A Willing Victim
Robert Wilton - The Emperor's Gold
Jacqueline Winspear - A Lesson in Secrets
Jacqueline Winspear - The Mapping of Love and Death


crimeficreader said...

Wow, that's a lot.

E A M Harris said...

There are certainly a lot of books and judging by the handful of reviews I have read, many are of high calibre. Choosing must be really difficult. I look forward to seeing the short list.

Maxine said...

How embarrassing - I don't think I've read any! But at least I've read about 45 of the international dagger eligibles to make up for it. Looking forward to the announcement of the shortlists with great eagerness.

Sarah said...

Interesting list Karen, I've read a few - Alan Bradley, Philip Kerr, Lyn Shepherd, Nancy Bilyeau, PD James, Shona McLean.

I have a couple to read too - Imogen Robertson, William Ryan.

I would like to read the latest Laura Wilson and Jason Goodwin.

Looking forward to the shortlist.