Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Montalbano's tenth

The next and final episode in the current run of of Inspector Montalbano, at 9pm on 14 April, is The Goldfinch and the Cat, which is not based on any of the books in Camilleri's series but is presumably based on a Camilleri short story.

A series of mysterious muggings takes place in Vigata, ending in tragedy when one of the victims is killed. Meanwhile, a man virtually destroys the emergency room at the hospital after finding out that his young daughter is pregnant. A local doctor is also missing and presumed dead. Montalbano investigates all three cases, gradually uncovering the links between them.


Anonymous said...

Karen - I am so looking forward to when this series becomes available (if it does) in the US.

Mark Bailey said...

It seems to be on mhznetworks' mhzworldview - they also release it on DVD.

Marco Venturini-Autieri said...

Yes, "Il gatto e il cardellino" is in the short-stories collection "Gli arancini di Montalbano".