Thursday, October 06, 2011

Competition Winners March 2011 - September 2011

Here are details of who won what in the last few months' Euro Crime competitions:

March 2011

The 5 winners of a signed copy of Complicit by Nicci French were:

Claire Butler
Simon Gibson
Diane Moston
Alison Shinn
Gemma Wyatt

The 5 winners of a copy of From the Dead by Mark Billingham were:

Johannah (from Slough)
Victoria Boland
Mathew Harvey
Nicky Stevens
Richard Whittington

April 2011

The 5 winners of a set of Van Veeteren novels by Hakan Nesser were:

Sharisse de Silva
Rosie Dharamsi
Graham Nichols
Carol Phile
James Spicer

The 6 winners of a copy of Apostle Rising by Richard Godwin were:

Lisa Ellison
Lynda Jones
Elizabeth Osbourne
Lynda Sanderson
Karen Watson
Paul Witney

May 2011

The 5 winners of a copy of Stagestruck by Peter Lovesey were:

Melissa Hall
Roma Pearshouse
Kerry Sabel
Tina Smith
Laura Westwood

June 2011

The winner of a set of books by S J Bolton was:

Paul Holt

July 2011

The 5 winners of a set of 3 books by Armand Cabasson were:

Janine Atkin
Jennifer Bell
Amy Hobbs
James Holyland
Hazel Rush

No competitions in August and September 2011

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