Monday, July 25, 2011

International Dagger Speculation (2012)

Now 2011's prize for the CWA International Dagger has been awarded we can turn our attention to the next crop of titles, eligible for 2012's crown.

So here's the list so far of translated crime novels published between June 2011 and May 2012 ie the period of eligibility. There's 77 so far (cf 52 last year) with a few more to come no doubt! NB. Only 1 book per author can be submitted for consideration.

For ease of purchase/library reservation here they are listed by UK month of publication:

In addition to the list I have set up a Good Reads widget on the right-hand side of the blog. This allows the covers to be visible plus you can add them to your wish-list on Good Reads. I won't be filling in the rating system though! Should you wish to, I've been told you can subscribe to this list through RSS at: So far I've added June-February but I plan to add the rest in due course.

Andrea Camilleri - The Track of Sand tr. Stephen Sartarelli
Giorgio Faletti - I am God tr. Howard Curtis
Sissel-Jo Gazan - The Dinosaur Feather tr. Charlotte Barslund (Moved from May 2011)
Juan Gomez-Jurado - The Traitor's Emblem tr. Daniel Hahn
Arnaldur Indridason - Outrage tr. Anna Yates
Camilla Lackberg - The Hidden Child tr. Tiina Nunnally
Giulio Leoni - The Crusade of Darkness
Ernesto Mallo - Sweet Money tr. Katherine Silver
Felix Palma - The Map of Time tr. Nick Caistor
Johan Theorin - The Quarry tr. Marlaine Delargy
Marco Vichi - Death in August tr. Stephen Sartarelli
Jan Costin Wagner - The Winter of the Lions tr. Anthea Bell
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Midnight Palace

Thomas Enger - Burned tr. Charlotte Barslund
Karin Fossum - The Caller tr. K E Semmel
Sergios Gakas - Ashes tr. Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife
Shiro Hamao - The Devil's Disciple
Keigo Higashino - The Devotion of Suspect X tr. Alexander O Smith & Elye J Alexander
Anne Holt - Fear Not tr. Marlaine Delargy
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - The Day is Dark tr. Philip Roughton

Jørn Lier Horst - Dregs tr. Anne Bruce
Claude Izner - Strangled in Paris
Bernhard Jaumann - The Hour of the Jackal tr. John Brownjohn
Asa Larsson - Until Thy Wrath be Past tr. Laurie Thompson
Claudia Pineiro - All Yours
Stefan Tegenfalk - Anger Mode tr. David Evans

Boris Akunin - The Diamond Chariot, tr. Andrew Bromfield
Anouar Benmalek - Abduction, tr. Simon Pare
Mikkel Birkegaard - Death Sentence, tr. Charlotte Barslund
Gianrico Carofiglio - Temporary Perfections tr. Antony Shugaar
K O Dahl - Lethal Investments tr. Don Bartlett
Selma Lagerlof - Lord Arne's Silver tr. Sarah Death (*Retranslation, originally translated into English and published in the UK in 1923)
Deon Meyer - Trackers tr. K L Seegers
Jo Nesbo - Headhunters tr. Don Bartlett
Kristina Ohlsson - Unwanted tr. Sarah Death
Roslund-Hellstrom - Cell 8 tr. Kari Dickson

Kjell Eriksson - The Hand That Trembles tr. Ebba Segerberg
Kjell Eriksson- The Princess of Burundi tr. Ebba Segerberg (First UK publication)
Mons Kallentoft - Midwinter Sacrifice tr. Neil Smith
Eduardo Mendoza - The Olive Labyrinth
Hakan Nesser - The Unlucky Lottery, tr. Laurie Thompson

George Arion - Attack in the Library
Bogdan Hrib - Kill the General
Friis & Kaaberbol - The Boy in the Suitcase, tr. Lene Kaaberbol
Dag Solstad - Professor Andersen's Night tr. Agnes Scott Langeland

Fabrice Humbert - The Origin of Violence, tr. Frank Wynne

Laurence Cosse - A Novel Bookstore
Paulus Hochgatterer - The Mattress House tr. Jamie Bulloch
Hans Koppel - She's Never Coming Back tr. Kari Dickson
Petros Markaris - Basic Shareholder (moved to 2013)
Marco Vichi - Death and the Olive Grove tr. Stephen Sartarelli

Horst Bosetzky - Cold Angel: Murder in Berlin, 1949
Maurizio De Giovanni - I Will Have Vengeance tr. Anne Milano Appel
Jens Lapidus - Easy Money, tr. Astri von Arbin Ahlander
Harri Nykanen - Nights of Awe tr. Kristian London
Gunnar Staalesen - Cold Hearts tr. Don Bartlett (delayed until ??)
Valerio Varesi - The Dark Valley tr. Joseph Farrell

Jussi Adler-Olsen - Disgrace (moved to June 2012)
Xavier-Marie Bonnot - The Voice of the Spirits tr. Justin Phipps
Maxime Chattam - Carnage tr. Isabel Reid and Emily Boyce
Zoran Drvenkar - Sorry tr. Shaun Whiteside
Michele Giuttari - The Black Rose of Florence
Mari Jungstedt - Dark Angel tr. Tiina Nunnally
A J Kazinski - The Last Good Man tr. Tiina Nunnally
Camilla Lackberg - The Drowning tr. Tiina Nunnally
Asa Larsson - The Black Path tr. Marlaine Delargy (First UK publication) (moved to June 2012)
Charlotte Link - The Other Child tr. Stefan Tobler
Jo Nesbo - Phantom tr. Don Bartlett
Guillermo Orsi - Holy City
Leif GW Persson - Another Time, Another Life tr. Paul Norlen
Helene Tursten - Night Rounds

Andrea Camilleri - The Potter's Field tr. Stephen Sartarelli
Eva Joly & Judith Perrignon - The Eyes of Lira Kazan
Marek Krajeski - The Minotaur's Head tr. Danusia Stok (moved to Aug. 2012)
Liza Marklund - Last Will tr. Neil Smith (moved to Sep. 2012)
Fuminori Nakamura - The Thief (moved to Aug. 2012)
Hakan Nesser - Hour of the Wolf, tr. Laurie Thompson
Jean-Francois Parot - The Baker's Blood
Juli Zeh - The Method, tr. Sally-Ann Spencer

Laurent Binet - HHhH (Classed as fiction with thriller elements)
Kjell Eriksson - The Demon of Dakar (First UK publication)
Antonio Hill - The Summer of Dead Toys tr. Laura McGloughlin
Mons Kallentoft - Summertime Death tr. Neil Smith
Lars Kepler - The Nightmare tr. Laura Wideburg (moved to Sep. 2012)
Oana Stoica-Mujea - Anatomical Clues

*Plus, here are a few more retranslated crime novels you may have missed first time around.


Uriah Robinson said...

Thanks for this Karen. Looks like the judges will face a difficult task next year, but my credit card has gone weak at the knees seeing this lot!

Maxine Clarke said...

Yes it is going to be a busy time for readers, last year a lot of titles did not seem to get published until near the end (or at least, the ones I wanted to read), this year there are lots already out.
BTW you have a EC review of the J-C Wagner book already ;-)
Thanks very much for putting all this together, Karen, it is a great reading-planner for me at any rate. I really like that little Goodreads carousel.

kathy d. said...

Thanks for the new list. It is exciting.

Wish that my library would keep up, and that global translated mysteries would be more available and easier to get in the States.

I, too, am ready to give my credit card to a neighbor so I don't use it with abandon when I see a list like this

Anonymous said...

and this?

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I've just contacted Canongate about Sacrifice. I have a feeling it's not a crime novel but we'll see what they say. Thanks for pointing it out - hadn't noticed it before.

NancyO said...

Thanks so much for this list. Oh, my husband is going to kill me when he gets the bills for these books. If that happens, maybe someone will write a crime fiction novel about it!

Maxine Clarke said...

I suppose Sacrifice must be the novel Karin A spoke about in the LBF in July, ie the novel with suspense but no violence? I'll be reading it asap, ie when it is out in UK, so can let you know if I think it's crime or not ;-)

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

No word back from Canongate on Sacrifice so will await your verdict :).

I'd missed a couple of books from August so have added them. Almost as many titles as 2011 already... gulp.

Maxine Clarke said...

Jan 2012 says Amazon so have added to my basket in case Canongate does not reply before then ;-)

Peter Rozovsky said...

That's a fine list that has no doubt grown since you posted it. Kaaberbøl and Friis will surely be strong contenders.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Maxine Clarke said...

That Karin Alvtegen is a reissue of Shame with a different title, by the way. What a swizz!

Anonymous said...

Certainly an impressive list. It will be tough for judges, I presume.

Sally Spedding said...

As a betting girl, in the absence so far, of the wonderful Johan Theorin, I'll put my money on Deon Meyer. Was impressed by him at Crimefest 2011, and his work is so strong...

Thanks,Karen. A great list.

Sally Spedding said...

Oh no. Have just spotted Johan Theorin's The Quarry.
A no-brainer...Hope Deon does well too...

Beth said...

I have read and reviewed The Track of Sand, The Traitor's Emblem, Until Thy Wrath Be Past, The Hand That Trembles, The Princess of Burundi,and The Boy In The Suitcase. I am in the process of reading The Unlucky Lottery.

The list reminds me of how long it takes to get so many books to the US.

dougt said...

Karen, I am not sure which blog to put my question to. I have recently found the Montalbanio/Camilleri series and am enthralled. I have now read the thirteen available in translation. Do you know if there will be any more translated in the near future? I love the characters as much as the stories and feel I know Montalbano personally.

Thanks, Douglas

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Doug - there appears to be at least two more in the pipeline, The Age of Doubt next year and Hunting Season in 2013.

Peter Rozovsky said...

Dougt, I enjoyed your comment that “I love the characters as much as the stories and feel I know Montalbano personally.” Here’s how I began a review of The Potter’s Field that appeared in my newspaper:

”Andrea Camilleri and his Inspector Salvo Montalbano have come to feel like old friends whom I am always happy to see and to report on to our mutual acquaintances.”
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Maxine Clarke said...

Not sure that The Method by Juli Zeh is strictly crime, based on this Guardian review today: . Sounds very intellectual! From what I can make of the review, possibly more literary sci-fi than crime?

Maxine Clarke said...

There was another brief review of the Juli Zeh book in the Times yesterday (unable to provide link as subscription/£ only), which indicates a crime element, albeit an unusual one.