Monday, November 22, 2010

News: Denise Mina's next books

If you'd been worrying about the remaining books in Denise Mina's Paddy Meehan series and when they'd see the light of day then the following from a Publishers Weekly interview should be reassuring:
I switched publishers in the U.K., and my new publisher wanted a new series. They didn't want any more Paddy books because they didn't own them, but this summer they bought them from my old publisher. I'm doing a new Alex Morrow book now, after The End of the Wasp Season, and then I'm going back to Paddy to finish the last two. It's not that I got fed up with Paddy or I abandoned her. It was just a technical reason.
Read the whole interview here.

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kathy d. said...

My Irish forebears and I cheer on more Paddy Meehan books by Denise Mina.

I have enjoyed those books, the descriptions of family life in the harsh economic times, changes in the newspaper offices, and of course, Paddy herself.

Can't wait to hear these have been published and can be sent over across the pond.

These I will even buy from the Book Depository.