Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Last Fix - Cover Opinions

This week's selection for "cover opinions" is the US and UK covers for K O Dahl's The Last Fix tr. Don Bartlett. The US paperback edition will come out on 29 March 2011 (cover unknown at this point).

So what are you thoughts on the US (LHS) and UK (RHS) covers? Which would entice you to pick the book up if you were not familiar with K O Dahl?

If you have read it, how well does the cover match the story?

Here is the Petrona review by Maxine of The Last Fix.


Bernadette in Australia said...

I have this book on my wishlist due to reading Maxine's review at the time but I can't remember what the book is about and neither of those covers give me much clue - the right hand one makes me think it is some kind of medical thriller in the Robin Cook / Michael Palmer style and the LH ones has me thinking it is something to do with university students

I wouldn't pick up either based on the cover alone

Anna said...

I prefer the UK (RHS) cover. I think it is a stronger, more appealing image. I also like the font design.
The photo on the US cover seems a little plain. There's quite a lot of empty space just filled up with the tree branches. In my opinion, it's not a very interesting image.

Maxine said...

I don't really like either of them - and in my view neither of them reflects what is in the book particularly well. Agree with Bernadette that the UK cover conveys medical thriller, whereas it is a classic police-procedural, and the US cover makes it look like a sub-Woman in White type of novel, whch it isn't. (Also as Anna says, quite a poor picture technically.)

Given that the poor author is translated out of order, which makes the personal story of the main police character lose much impact, I feel sorry for him. At least he has a great translator!

Anonymous said...

Karen - I confess I haven't read this one yet, but honestly, I'm not really liking either cover very much. I suppose if I were forced to choose, it'd be the UK cover but honestly, I'm not even keen on that one.