Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wallander on BBC4

BBC4 has just repeated the two episodes of the Swedish version of Wallander that were previously shown last December. These can still be watched via iplayer for a few more days: Before the Frost and Mastermind.

A new episode, The Village Idiot, is to be shown next Monday (13th July) at 9pm:
When a harmless former asylum resident holds up a bank for money and then blows himself up, Wallander, Linda and the Ystad team are forced to dig for leads to find reasons. Who could have persuaded him to do it, and why? Was the explosion an accident? The answers are unexpected.
This is listed as episode 3 of 13 so fingers crossed that the rest of the series will be shown. The Village Idiot is repeated on Thursday 16th July at 10.30pm.

Before the Frost is available on DVD with English subtitles, but not cheaply:


Martin Edwards said...

This is really helpful advance info, Karen, thanks. Please let us know if further episodes are to be shown.

ainelivia said...

Thanks, I was wondering when further episodes would be shown, as the description had 1/13 and as they are not shown at regular weekly intervals I have to check every day.

I really like Wallander in the original Swedish. Particularly the character of Ebba, who comes across as far more feisty than in the english version.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I will aim to advertise the new episodes (which will hopefully be shown!) when they appear in the tv listings for the following week.

Jeff Povey said...

Absolutely love this series.

Last weeks episode shown on BBC4 was number 10 of the 13 strong series.

There is no episode scheduled for this week (week commencing 7th September 2009), so I was wondering if anyone knew when episodes 11 - 13 were due to shown on BBC4 ?

Dan Earney said...

According to the BBC4 website,the remaining 3 episodes will be shown over the Christmas period.
This is not good!
I think Spiral 2 will finally be shown soon,so that's good news,but i'm very disappointed by the Wallander decision.