Monday, July 06, 2009

More Jack Frost books (not by R D Wingfield)

News from the Bookseller:

Transworld has signed a deal to publish two new Jack Frost novels, written on behalf of the estate of R. D Wingfield, who died in 2007.

Sarah Turner, editorial Director, acquired the UK & Commonwealth rights from Philip Patterson at Marjacq Scripts.

Writing under the pseudonym James Henry, the books will be co-authored by James Gurbutt, who has just joined Constable & Robinson to found a new imprint, and Harvill Secker author Henry Sutton.

They will be prequels to the bestselling series written by Wingfield, which inspired the series A Touch Of Frost, and the first will be published by Bantam Press in early 2011.
Read the whole article here.

The Euro Crime bibliography for R D Wingfield is here.

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Elaine said...

I am always slightly doubtful about books written by anybody other than the author, but no doubt I will give in and read them as I find Frost a very interesting character. I have read and enjoyed the Jill paton walsh Lord Peter books very much so we shall see........