Friday, July 24, 2009

Next Wallander on BBC4

Episode 5 of the Swedish Wallander series will be on Monday 27th at 9pm and next Thursday (30th) at 10.45pm on BBC4:
The Overdose

When an abandoned baby is found in a car, Kurt Wallander oversees a large operation to find the missing father. Meanwhile, Linda is visiting a school all week to educate the pupils about the dangers of drugs. When a girl at the school has an overdose, the team begin to see connections between the two cases.
Episode 4, The Brothers, can be watched via iplayer for a few more days.

NB. The first two episodes, which were shown last year, Before the Frost and Mastermind are episodes 1 and 2 in the UK order but 1 and 6 in the Swedish order (according to Wikipedia) or 1 and 7 (according to

NB2. I'm informed that Rolf Lassgård who starred in an earlier series, which was based on the nine Wallander books, is the face of Wallander to most Swedes.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about confusing! Glad you said that about "the" Wallander- because the other Swedish actor (the one in the current BBC4 series) looks exactly like my boss, which is quite unnerving!