Sunday, July 05, 2009

News page updated

There won't be any new reviews this weekend due to the house being in chaos; the gas people are coming tomorrow to begin fitting a new boiler and half my book collection has been packed up and my work desk dismantled so I'm left with a large laptop on my knees in the living room. Not very easy to use (arm already aches from using the mouse on the armrest!) but I'll try and keep up :).

I have managed to update the Euro Crime News-page on FriendFeed.

Normal service will hopefully resume next weekend though the unpacking might not have finished.

I'm using Twitter a bit more (see side-bar) but only at a beginner's level.

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Anonymous said...

What a heroine, Karen! Good luck with the gas and all of that - must be very disruptive.

The internet seems very quiet this weekend, probably a combination of 4 July weekend and Wimbeldon final/nice weather.