Friday, July 24, 2009

Publishing Deal - Henning Mankell

No surprises here - Harvill Secker will be publishing the new Wallander novel:
...The Troubled Man from Anneli Hoier at the Leonhardt & Hoier literary agency and will publish it in hardback in February 2011.

The Troubled Man tells the story of a retired naval officer who disappears during his daily walk in a forest near Stockholm. It is described as a "deeply personal" case for Wallander, because the missing man is the father-in-law of Wallander's daughter Linda. Clues point back to the Cold War, and to right-wing extremist groups, said the publisher.

Mankell said: "I really thought that I had written my last novel about Wallander, but then I had this distinct feeling that there was one more story to be told."

Read the whole article at The Bookseller.


WordsBeyondBorders said...

Eagerly awaiting it

Dorte H said...

And perhaps we can hope further stories will crop up, out of the blue.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to this! It reminds me a bit of John Harvey and Resnick. JH wrote those 10 Resnick books and that was supposed to be that. But Resnick kept popping up in that Frank Elder trilogy, and now he's back as the main character again. He and Wallander seem to have a life of their own!