Thursday, April 09, 2009

OT: Doctor Who Scarf

I managed to make my scarf a decent length for today's Doctor Who event (modelled by Nimes the elder states-cat):


Mack said...

Ahh, Tom Baker, my favorite Doctor. And his companion Leela... wistful sigh!

Kerrie said...

Lovely scarf!
Please check my blog for another award for you:

cfr said...

Great scarf! Lovely feline!

And did you know, Mack, that Leela (Lalla Ward) is married to Richard Dawkins? He had a guest role in one of last year's programmes.

Mack said...

I got so caught up remembering Leela that I forgot to complement you on the scarf. Terrific. I agree with cfr regarding Nimes. He looks like he could be from Gallifrey.

Dorte H said...

Who is Who? ;) (I think the one to the left is prettiest, both the scarf and the wearer).

I have given your blog an award, by the way.

Richard said...

Can one order such scarves as wot you knitted...??
Anonny Nimes fan from Norfolk x