Saturday, April 18, 2009

A new Scandinavian author in translation

A long wait until August 2010 for Frozen Moment by Camilla Ceder. The original Swedish version was released this Spring according to her agent's page. This is her debut novel.

Synopsis: With her obvious talent for telling a captivating story, with her fine style of writing and psychological insight, Camilla Ceder skilfully involves the reader and builds unbearable suspense around the mysterious violence taking place in rural, muddy settings in the not so fancy countryside outside of Gothenburg, contrasting these raw events with the sensitive and tender portraits of her characters.

A series of brutal murders, all committed in similar ways, puzzles the staff of the local police, as there seems to be no link whatsoever between them.

The intricately and elegantly constructed intrigue is studded with flashbacks to fatal events in the past, leaving police inspector Christian Tell and his colleagues to cope with their enigmatic impact on the present.

His infatuation with Seja, a witness who has lied to him about her presence on the first murder scene, strikes him as unprofessional and yet he finds it impossible to give her up. The fragile feeling of trust between them is easily upset and needs to be handled with care, but their mutual attraction also carries the hope of a new start for both of them. Readers can look forward to following how their relationship develops through the series!

A sample translation by Marlaine Delargy can be opened here


Anonymous said...

A long wait as you write, but I'm looking forward to it, as I might have run out of Scandinavian crime fiction to read by then! Hope you'll post about it again nearer the UK pub date as a reminder.

Simon Clarke said...

No chance of running out of
Scandinavian crime this year.
Books to come from Hakan Nesser,
Mikkel Birkegaard,K.O.Dahl,
Karin Fossum,Leif Davidsen,
Stieg Larsson,Johan Theorin,
Arnaldur Indidason ,Gunnar
Staaleson,Tove Jansson--in 2009.
Will ,at least keep me going for
a while!

"Reg" said...

Add Camilla Läckberg's THE STONE CUTTER to that list -- I think October.

"Reg" said...

Oops, Maxine says it's August. Publishers don't tell me nuthin'.