Monday, April 27, 2009

Nicci French's website

Nicci French's website has had an overhaul and has several new features, one of which is a regularly updated blog. The blog posts aren't about their books, just everyday life.

Nicci French's eleventh psychological thriller, What To Do When Someone Dies, came out in early March.

‘This is not my world. Something is wrong, askew. It is a Monday evening in October. I am Ellie Falkner, 34 years old and married to Greg Manning. Although two police officers have just come to my door and told me he is dead . . . ’ It's devastating to hear that your husband has died in a horrific car accident. But to learn that he died with a mystery woman as his passenger is torment. Was Greg having an affair? Drowning in grief, Ellie clings to Greg's innocence, and her determination to prove it to the world at large means she must find out who Milena Livingstone was and what she was doing in Greg's car. But in the process those around her begin to question her sanity ... and her motive. And the louder she shouts that Greg might have been murdered, the more suspicion falls on Ellie herself. Sometimes it's safer to keep silent when someone dies ...
Euro Crime reviewer Maxine Clarke had this to say about the two previous novels:

on Losing You: "I defy anyone to put down LOSING YOU after the first hundred overwhelmingly exciting plot, which delivers on its solution. Ten out of ten."

and on Until It's Over: "the pace of the plot guarantees that you won't want to put this book down until you have finished it".

Nicci French's website is here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mentions! I've signed up to the Nicci French blog, thanks. I guess they enjoyed their week at the Penguin blog and are now going in for it for real. The new book sounds very tantalizing - must read it soon!