Sunday, April 12, 2009

Matt Hilton

You may remember Matt Hilton from the press coverage last year after he received a publishing deal of £800,000 for five books. The first book, Dead Men's Dust, will be out next month and as the covers below show, the target audience is probably the fan-base of Lee Child.

A new website has recently been set up which includes a trailer and a 'shooting' game. The author's website is at

Synopsis for Dead Men's Dust: ‘Some may call me a vigilante. I think I’ve just got problems to fix.’

Right now, Joe Hunter’s big problem is a missing little brother, last seen fleeing the site of a gruesome killing. Hunter needs the help of an old army buddy, a whole lot of hardware and a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, to fix this particular problem.

A brutal encounter with some very nasty criminals leaves Hunter fighting for his life. And that’s before he comes up against America’s most feared serial killer, ‘The Harvestman’, and his grisly souvenirs of death.

But blood is thicker than water. And a lot of blood will be spilt . . .

DEAD MEN'S DUST introduces Joe Hunter, an all action hero with a strong moral code. Like the gunslingers of the Wild West, Hunter is not afraid to use his weapons and his fists – but only to save the victims from the bad guys.


Col Bury said...

Having followed this story from the outset I feel like I know Joe Hunter already, and I've not even read the book yet!
Not long now till publication date and I for one can't wait.

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Sandra,
thank you very much for featuring my book. Alongside Lee Child's cover you can see similarities. I'm a fan of Lee's and it's a great privilege to be mentioned alongside him. Hopefully, though, readers will enjoy the book on its own merits and keep an eye out for more (though I wouldn't mind the fan base Lee has!). Thanks, Matt

Euro Crime said...

I believe #2 is on its way later this year :). Hope to see you at CrimeFest. (Karen)

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Karen,
yes, book 2, Judgement and Wrath, is due out in hardback in October this year. I've a book coming out every 6 months (busy typing book 4 as we speak. I'm going to Crimefest and will be on a couple of panels. DMD comes out the day the festival starts so I don't know how many people will be familiar with it and can't imagine the types of questions I'll be asked. Say hi if you see me. Matt

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Karen, just noticed my slip in my original comment - don't know where I got the name Sandra from. Sorry for that. Best wishes, Matt.