Monday, October 02, 2006

New Joan Smith novel - thriller?

From Book 2 Book website: Arcadia have acquired the latest book by Joan Smith

About the novel:

"July 1997: Lebanon makes a rare appearance in the British headlines when an Englishwoman dies in a land mine accident near the town of Nebatiyeh. The dead woman is a minor celebrity, a model with a Egyptian mother visiting the Middle East for the first time. Reporters descend on her Somerset home, liking her death with Pricess Diana's high-profile campaign for a ban on land mines.

When a young feature writer is sent to Beirut to write a human interest story about Aisha's death, she finds a city only just recovering from more than a decade of civil war. Lebanon is still occupied by Israel in the south, prompting a bloody conflict with the Syrian-backed terrorist organisation Hezbollah, and Amanda realises that thousands or ordinary Lebanese are trapped between these two ruthless enemies.

She begins to suspect that Aisha may have been another victim of this forgotten war. But with a wayward princess and a charismatic new prime minister making headlines at home, how can she make sure that justice is done for Aisha - and for Lebanon?

Full article here

In addition Arcadia have their own eurocrime imprint.


Uriah Robinson said...

"In addition Arcadia have their own eurocrime imprint."

Thanks for this link, there are certainly some interesting looking books. I had not heard of the Golden Pistol award before?

Euro Crime said...

I haven't been able to find anything about the 'golden pistol award' either!