Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another crime blog (with knitting too!)

I'm still behind and apologise to those awaiting replies to comments and emails. When my SO is on earlies I don't get much pc time as my clacking away at the keyboard keeps him awake!

Must mention a friend's blog which she told me about at last night's book club. It's about crime writing and knitting and very wittily named Mysterious Yarns :-).


Maxine said...

Thanks for the link, it is a good blog (but knitting scary). BTW, I inadvertently lied on it, I said i found it via CrimeFicreader, I realise now that I didn't, I found it via you, sorry.

all best

Peter said...

I, blinded by prejudice as I am, would tend to associate knitting with cozies. I know that knitting is no longer something done solely by one's mother, but old mind habits die hard. In any case, though, here is what I really want to see: A blog called Knitting Noir. It could spawn a line of books. The first in the series will be an international thriller called Black Afghan, possibly to be followed by a sequel called The Eye of the Knitting Needle.

Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder is More Fun Away From Home"

Maxine said...

well I just find knitting totally scary. Probably to do with being forced to do it at school and not being able to.
It is far more convoluted and difficult to understand than crime fiction anyway (despite the great yarn pun).