Monday, June 16, 2014

DVD Release: Happy Valley

I'm so glad that Mrs Peabody persuaded me to watch Happy Valley. I downloaded it via iPlayer and watched it over a week. Possibly not the best material to watch on the train - I was either shielding my screen because of the violence or holding back tears.

If you didn't watch it, it's out on DVD today.

Watch it for the fabulous performance from Sarah Lancashire.


RedSetter said...

It was a fabulous series and for the first time in ages I was clearing my diary to make sure I was free on a Tues at 9pm to watch the next episode with total trepidation! Not sure I'd buy the box set as I'm still a bit traumatised from the first viewing!

Martin Edwards said...

A superb slice of television. I'll be amazed if we see a better crime show this year.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll get that over here across the pond.

Just saw the fabulous "Escape Artist" on PBS on the weekend; stellar cast with David Tennant and Sophie Okonedo. Wouldn't want to come up against them in court, but what great defense lawyers!

That show is so much superior to what we often get over here that passes as "mysteries."