Thursday, February 14, 2013

TV News: Jack Taylor on Channel 5

Iain Glen plays Jack Taylor in The Guards based on the first of Ken Bruen's series of books. The Guards is the first of three feature-length episodes of Jack Taylor which starts on Channel 5 next Thursday at 9pm:
In this introduction to the dark and seamy underbelly of Galway and the tortured world of Jack Taylor, the beautiful Anne Henderson comes into Jack´s local pub and asks him to find her missing daughter.

Before long, Jack is submerged in the grimy secret lives of Galway’s outwardly respectable middleclass citizens. The plot thickens when the bodies of four girls turn up in the river and Jack´s old paratrooper friend Sutton arrives in Galway, luring Jack back into trouble.

When Jack´s favourite barman then dies under mysterious circumstances, everything Jack believes in begins to unravel, making him question even those closest to him.

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