Monday, August 06, 2012

New Titles from Simon & Schuster

Browsing through the new Simon & Schuster catalogue for  July-December 2012, these are the titles of "euro crime"  interest:


N J Cooper - Vengeance in Mind (paperback) (#4 Karen Taylor, Psychologist)
Camilla Grebe & Asa Traff - Some Kind of Peace
The Medieval Murderers - The First Murder


Chris Carter - The Death Sculptor (#4 Homicide Detective Robert Hunter, LA)
Michael Dobbs - A Sentimental Traitor (paperback) (#5 Harry Jones)
Casey Hill - Torn (#2 Riley Steel, Forensic Investigator, Dublin)
A J Kazinski - The Last Good Man (paperback)
Kristina Ohlsson - Silenced (#2 Inspector Alex Recht & team)


Bruno Hare - The Wreck
Lynda La Plante - Prime Suspect (paperback reissue)
Kevin Power - What Richard Did (film tie-in edition of Bad Day in Black Rock)


Lynda La Plante - She's Out (paperback reissue) (non crime)
Jack Steel - The Ripper Secret


Dean Crawford - Continuum (#3 Ethan Warner)

Lynda La Plante - The Legacy (paperback reissue)


Lee Weeks - Dead of Winter (#1 DC Ebony Willis, London)


Anonymous said...

Karen - Thanks for sharing this. It looks like some interesting titles are coming out.

E A M Harris said...

They seem to be producing quite a range of titles, and it's a longish list. I wonder how it compares to previous years.