Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Titles from Headline

Browsing through the new Headline catalogue for July-December 2012, these are the titles of "euro crime"  interest:

G J Moffat - Protection (#4 Logan Finch, Lawyer & DC Rebecca Irvine, Glasgow) 
Barbara Nadel - Dead of Night (#14 Ikmen) (paperback)
Christopher Radmann - Held Up (debut)
Simon Scarrow - Praetorian  (#11 Macro and Cato, Roman soldiers) (paperback)


James Forrester - The Final Sacrament (#3Clarenceux)
Quintin Jardine - As Easy as Murder (#3 Primavera Blackstone) (paperback)
Andy McDermott - Temple of the Gods (#8 Archaeologist Nina Wilde & ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase) (paperback) 
Claire McGowan - The Fall (debut) (paperback)
Anne Perry - A Sunless Sea (#18 Inspector Monk) (paperback)


Martina Cole - "Untitled" 
James Dean - The Wrong Man (#1 James Bishop) (debut) (paperback)


Emily Barr - Stranded (paperback)
(Colin) Bateman - The Prisoner of Brenda (#4 Mystery Man)
Tanya Byrne - Heart-shaped Bruise (paperback)
Morgan McCarthy - The Other Half of Me (paperback)


Imogen Robertson - Circle of Shadows (#4 Harriet Westerman) (paperback)
Anne Perry - A Christmas Homecoming (paperback)


Ann Granger - A Particular Eye for Villainy (#4 Lizzie Martin) (paperback)

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Anonymous said...

Karen - Thanks! Some interesting-looking titles here. My TBR list is not going to get any shorter, I can see that....