Friday, June 01, 2012

International Dagger 2012 - Polls

As has become traditional, I have now set up two polls relating to the International Dagger. They will close on 4 July. The announcement of the winner of the International Dagger 2012 will be made on 5 July at the CWA's Award Ceremony.

The first poll is for:

Which book do you want to win.

The second poll is for:

Which book do you think will win.

The polls can be found on the RHS of the blog. We'll see how much correlation there is between the two polls - and you can see the results of last year's polls here.


David P Perlmutter said...

Great blog, just followed. Follow me at

My first ebook out within days, a true story, have a look at the details and what do you think of my cover??

Great to connect.

David P Perlmutter

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Karen. I'll be interested in seeing which one wins!

Maxine Clarke said...

Thanks for setting this up, Karen, I've voted ;-)