Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV News: Inspector George Gently's back on Sunday

Two more episodes of Inspector George Gently have been filmed and the first, Gently Evil, will be on Sunday night at 8.30pm (according to my tv guide) on BBC1.

Here are some details from the BBC Press Office:
Martin Shaw returns as old-school detective Inspector George Gently in the crime drama set in the Sixties, written by Peter Flannery.

It's 1966, and when a young woman is found murdered in an idyllic coastal village in Northumberland, Gently and Bacchus find themselves investigating a family with unimaginable secrets.

Initially it appears that the woman's estranged husband, Alan Charlton, father of their enigmatic young daughter Agnes, is responsible for the killing. Then they meet the child's uncle, Darren Paige.

With a rogue reporter, Max Osgood, desperate to get an exclusive story on the family, the police have their work cut out.

As Gently and Bacchus investigate the disturbed family, they discover an alarming truth.

In an added complication, Bacchus is having marriage problems and becomes jealous of Gently when he realises how close the older man has become to his wife, Lisa, and toddler Leigh-Ann.
Some background information on the filming (now in England and not Ireland) can be found on the BBC Press Office website

Incidentally, is Bacchus the most irritating policeman on tv?

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Lauren said...

Bacchus - irritating - yes!

(Were I the wife, I'd certainly leave him for Gently!)