Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Edgar Awards shortlists

The shortlists for the Edgar Awards came out today and two Euro Crime faves have appeared in two of the categories, to whit:

Best Novel - Nemesis by Jo Nesbo, tr. Don Bartlett
Best Paperback Original - The Herring-Seller's Apprentice by L C Tyler

The full shortlists are here.


Maxine Clarke said...

I think it is amazing, and great, that Nesbo's novel (a translation) has made it onto the shortlist. It's a very good novel, too - pity that the ending did not really live up to the rest of it, but even so, a jolly good choice.

I'm also thrilled that the Herring Seller is on the shortlist, too - I am not usually a fan of humourous fiction but I thoroughly enjoyed this witty, erudite and madcap whirl of a confection, particularly its clever allusions to the crime literature.

Good luck to both of them, I hope they win their respective categories.

Len Tyler said...

Many thanks to both of you for the posting and your good wishes. I have to say that this came as a complete surprise (even more so when I read the full list of submissions for the category).

Editor Bill said...

Just curious about how Herring Seller is up for best original paperback when I have a signed first edition hard cover.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Bill - It seems to have been published as a PBO in the US. It has a very different cover! =>amazon.com to the UK one.

You're too modest Len, comedy is hard and you made it look so easy.