Monday, January 25, 2010

The Consorts of Death - sneak peak

I'm currently reading The Consorts of Death by Gunnar Staalesen, tr. Don Bartlett. Maxine has already reviewed it for Euro Crime, here.

Opening lines:


A phone call from the past. ‘Cecilie speaking,’ she said, and when I didn’t react, she added: ‘Cecilie Strand.’
‘Cecilie! Been a long time. How are you?’
‘Could be worse.’
‘Are you still in social services?’
‘Some of us are still hanging in there, yes.’
‘Must be at least ten years since we last saw each other, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, I crossed the mountains. Went to Oslo five years ago. Summer of 1990.’
‘You’re not ringing from Oslo now then?’
‘No, I’m in Bergen. Visiting my old mum in Munkebotn. Don’t know if you remember her?’
‘No, I …’
‘Well, that’s not so strange, but … I’ve got something important I need to talk to you about.’
‘If you’ve got time.’
‘Time is what I have most of, as I usually say.’
‘Could we meet?’
‘Of course. Any suggestions where?’
‘What about in Fjellveien?’
I looked out of the window. The rain this morning had not exactly been a foretaste of autumn. Now the September sun was drifting like liquid honey over the town. Mount Fløien looked green and inviting, with Fjellveien as the equator and not a storm warning in sight. ‘Whereabouts?’
‘Shall we just see where we bump into each other? I’ll be leaving here in under half an hour.’

and from p72:
She introduced herself as Randi Borge and burst into floods of tears when I explained the purpose of my visit. Age-wise, I would have put her at about forty. She had groomed dark blonde hair and was wearing a tight-fitting black dress that, from where I was standing, on my side of her reception desk, put me in far from a funereal mood.

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