Monday, January 11, 2010

And My See-Through Heart - crime fiction?

I've just come across this novel, And My See-Through Heart by Veronique Ovalde, tr. Adriana Hunter, published in English in July making it in the right time-frame for the 2010 International Dagger eligibility - I'm not sure how much of a crime novel it is? It's classified as a thriller in the library. Anyone read it yet? Here's the blurb:

Do we ever really know the person we live with? This is a question that has tormented Lancelot since the sudden death of his wife. The night of the accident, they had said goodbye at the airport and Irina should have been in another country when she was found drowned, in someone else's car, at the bottom of the local river. Lancelot is still numb from the shock when other facts begin to surface, each one more bewildering than the last. It seems that the woman he loved had a past - and a plan for the future - that he never even suspected.

The only review on amazon gives it 1 star. You can read a sample of the book at amazon here.


Maxine Clarke said...

I haven't heard of it. It sounds very good from the synopsis, but that Amazon review is somewhat off-putting! £6.59 to find out? Seems a bit expensive for the risk?

Anonymous said...

I'm just reading it now, psychological thriller I would say so far. Can anyone tell me where the story is set i.e. France, Italy or are the places made up. Certainly doesn't sound like France.