Monday, January 18, 2010

Badfellas - Sneak Peek

I'm currently reading Badfellas by Tonino Benacquista, tr. Emily Read which is shaping up to be another Bitter Lemon Press gem.

Blurb: "The story is violent, pacy and full of black humour. Imagine the Soprano family arriving in France, or perhaps better, Ray Liotta, the snitch from ‘Goodfellas’ settling down with his family in a small town in Normandy."

Opening Lines:

They took possession of the house in the middle of the night. Any other family would have seen it as a new start. The first morning of a new life – a new life in a new town. A rare moment that shouldn’t take place in the dark. For the Blakes, however, it was a moonlight flit in reverse: they were moving in as discreetly as possible. Maggie, the mother, went in first, tapping her heels on the steps to scare away any lurking rats. She went through all the rooms, ending up in the cellar, which appeared to be clean and to have the perfect level of humidity for maturing wheels of Parmesan, or storing cases of Chianti. The father, Frederick, who had never felt at ease around rodents, allowed his wife to go ahead.

From p69:
Without realizing it, Fred was proving a universal truth, which goes like this: as soon as one idiot tries to light a fire somewhere, four others will gather round to tell him how to do it.

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roddy said...

Sounds good. I have "Someone Else" sitting in my bookcase waiting to be read.