Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some recent publishing deals

Here are a couple of recent publishing deals that I've not mentioned before. Gerald Seymour's first book for Hodder was The Collaborator and they've signed him up for two more. From The Bookseller:
Curtis Brown chief executive Jonathan Lloyd has renewed the contract between thriller writer Gerald Seymour and Hodder, in a two-book deal that has bucked the trend for declining advances.

Although Lloyd declined to specify a figure, he said Hodder had paid "more" than the original deal (which was also for two books). "My authors go up, not down," he said. "Gerald deserves it—the payment is commensurate with his abilities."
Also in The Bookseller, was the news about a follow-up to Layer Cake by JJ Connolly:
Duckworth has bought the rights to the follow up book to the cult gangster novel-turned-film Layer Cake.

JJ Connolly's new book is entitled Viva La Madness and follows the fortunes of Layer Cake's unnamed narrator. The story starts in South America where the last novel ended. Duckworth plans to publish in paperback original in spring 2011.

"Viva La Madness is slick, gripping, complex, and hugely entertaining. JJ Connolly’s dialogue is unique – sharp, witty and even poetic – his characters are as compelling as they are horrifying, and he captures a certain seedy side of London with extraordinary vividness and authenticity. Fans of Layer Cake can look forward to a spectacular treat."

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Viva La Madness is published today, Sept 22, 2011