Monday, October 19, 2009

2012 The Crystal Skull

Manda Scott's The Crystal Skull is being reissued on 5 November as 2012 The Crystal Skull to capitalise on the release of the blockbuster film, 2012, on the 13 November. However they are two different beasts and the film is not based on the book, but apparently you can learn all about the prophecy about the end of the world from 2012 The Crystal Skull.

The Crystal Skull
has been reviewed twice on Euro Crime and Pat's review said that it is "a cracking story, with believable characters, a complicated plot, convincing historical details and a bit of mysticism thrown in" and Amanda's review opened with "The story is incredibly well researched and so powerful and captivating that its bitter-sweet ending has the potential to reduce you to floods of tears".

There is a three minute trailer for 2012, here on YouTube (and it stars one of my favourite actors, John Cusack).

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