Friday, October 09, 2009

Anne Holt's next book

It's been a bit of a wait but Anne Holt's third book in the Vik/Stubo series will be available in English in December. As well Vik and Stubo, Death in Oslo will also feature Holt's other series detective, Oslo Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen. (There are eight books in the Hanne series but unfortunately none are, as yet, available in English.)

You can find out more about why Holt created a functional family in Vik and Stubo and also why she hasn't been to the US in 8 years in this 6 minute interview - the questions are in Italian but the answers are in English.

When Helen Barclay becomes the first female US president, the whole world takes notice. And unfortunately for President Barclay, one man takes very particular notice. He knows her dark secret, buried for over twenty years. And not only does he have the power to destroy everything she's worked for, but he also has the ultimate motive. Revenge. Unfortunately for the FBI and the Norwegian police, nobody knows about this when Helen Barclay chooses to visit Norway for her first state visit. But when she goes missing from a locked, heavily secured bedroom, they are forced - unwillingly - to work together to find her. Has she been kidnapped? Murdered? Can the US president really just disappear into thin air...? Taut, gripping and chillingly convincing, Death in Oslo is a brilliant new thriller from one of the world's most popular crime writers.

A fourth Vik/Stubo novel (Pengemannen) was published this year in Norway but as yet the UK has not bought the translation rights.

I was a bit dubious about the merits of Punishment (apa What is Mine?) but I was quite hooked by The Final Murder (apa What Never Happens) so I'm really looking forward to this one which is published 3 December.


Maxine said...

Thanks for this news. I'm looking forward to this book, though sorry that it is yet another "out of order" one. The Bookseller recently implied that Death in Oslo is first of a new series, I had not realised that it is also a Vik/Stubo novel. I liked her two previous novels, so I do hope that her other ones get translated into English.

Dorte H said...

First in a series?

It is certainly the third Stubø/Vik story, and you could also see it as no eight or so in her Hanne Wilhelmsen series.

A fine story with some strong women, and Johanne Vik, who could be a bit annoying in the first two, makes some progress in this one.

Margot Kinberg said...

Good news! Thanks for sharing : )

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

A *bit* annoying :). You have more patience than me Dorte. Glad to hear she improves.