Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kingston Killers - the evidence

My companion to the Kingston Killers event the other night, Maxine, has been super efficient and written it up already, over on Petrona.

The 9 attending authors were split into 3 groups: historical (Laura Wilson, Ariana Franklin, Nicola Upson), spooky (our categorisation!) (Johan Theorin, Yaba Badoe, Cathi Unsworth) and gritty (R J Ellory, Chris Carter, N J Cooper).

Each author read a short passage from one of their books and then each set was cross-examined by Chris of Crimesquad. Most memorable answer came from Laura Wilson when asked why she wrote historicals..."none of that fannying about with mobile phones"

Johan, Yaba, Cathi and Chris

Afterwards there was a buying and signing session and Maxine is seen here (clutching Echoes from the Dead) in discussion with Johan:

It was a great evening, well attended and I hope that Waterstone's at Kingston have future, similar events.


Maxine Clarke said...

Yes, it was a really good evening, and I hope they have more of them! I was telling Prof P about Ariana Franklin's talk/book today, as a result of which he now owns the first in the series ;-)

Bernadette said...

I'm very jealous of you both