Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s follow up to The Shadow of the Wind

From the americareadsspanish website:
Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s latest novel, which will be published on April 17 with an initial print run of a million copies, will be titled “El juego del ángel” (The Angel’s Game), the Planeta publishing group announced.

The new novel, part of a tetralogy that began with the wildly successful “La sombra del viento” (The Shadow of the Wind), will set a record in Spain for most copies published in a first print run, Planeta said.

Ruiz Zafón, who was born in Barcelona in 1964, will present “El juego del ángel” to the media at an event in Barcelona a day before the novel is published.

The new work by the Spanish writer, whose books have sold some 10 million copies and been published in more than 50 countries, will arrive in bookstores seven years after the release of his previous novel, “La sombra del viento.”

Set in Barcelona in the 1920s, “El juego del ángel” – like its predecessor – will feature a locale known as the “Cemetery of Forgotten Books,” a secret library for the safekeeping of old, barely remembered titles.
There's no mention of an English language version on his UK website, yet...

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Danielle said...

I can't imagine it will be long...surely this is a book that will be snapped up all over the place!