Friday, March 14, 2008

Poirot - Interactive DVD Game & PC Games

The good news about being a bit late in the 'game' as it were, (this came out last November), is that it's now only £6.99 at HMV.

Can you solve Agatha Christie's classic murder mystery, After The Funeral? Take Poirot's challenge to find clues hidden in this unique Murder Mystery DVD game! Entertainment for all the family - play a series of exciting games and puzzles to test your detective skills in 'observation', 'analysis' and 'intuition' as you try to identify the murderer!

DVD Extras:
Exclusive New Footage Of David Suchet As The World-Famous Detective Hercule Poirot
Over 40 Minutes Of After The Funeral TV Movie Footage
9 Different Puzzle Types - Different Each Time You Play!

The customer reviews on amazon are a bit mixed, it seems that though there are different puzzles, the murderer is always the same and it helps if you can't remember the tv show/book! Still £6.99 for a few hours entertainment can't be bad.

There are also three Agatha Christie PC Games: Evil Under the Sun, And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express the latter with a surprise ending plus David Suchet voicing Poirot. All three can be bought together as a bundle for £19.99 from 20th March. And Then There Were None is also availabe for Wii.


Agatha Christie PC Game Fan said...

After the funeral is a great story, thanks for the game review.

I've played the PC games and as an Agatha Christie fan, I thoroughly enjoyed them. You can get full downloads of all the Agatha Christie PC games online and these downloads are cheaper than buying the CD-ROM versions.

Addicting Games said...

Thanks for the review. I think Poirot is one of the most unforgettable detective figure. Thanks for the review. And yes I think it would be a lot better if you provide Download Games link for this PC Games

vee said...

You can also get PC games adapted from Death on the Nile and Peril at End House