Monday, July 02, 2007

Winners of June's Euro Crime Competitions

Here are the winners of June's Euro Crime competitions (and the correct answers):

1. The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett

What is the name of the next book to feature Dr David Hunter?:
c) Written in Bone


Alessandra Buccheri, Italy
Martin Lee
Susie Nicholls
Michael O'Sullivan
Michelle Redpath

2. The House of Shadows by The Medieval Murderers

Name the crime writers which make up 'The Medieval Murderers'

Due to the ambiguity of my question, I accepted -
Either: Mike Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ian Morson
Or: Mike Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ian Morson, Philip Gooden, Chris Sansom.


Chris Cleave
Adrian Crook
Jaye Dixon
Carol Mintz, USA
Alistair Richardson
Mary Strong

3. How to Kill by Kris Hollington

Which of the following authors, has a series of books 'starring' an assassin?:
a) David Bowker


Lisa Botfield
Charles Davies
Don Ferguson, USA
Susan Langton
Paula Turner

4. Romanzo Criminale DVDs

What is the English name of the crime film (based on a book by a Dutch author) released in 1988 and then remade in 1993 starring Kiefer Sutherland?:
The Vanishing


Victoria Barker
Graeme Denman
Sarah Williams

5. Missing DVDs

Which Scandinavian author wrote the book that the above drama, 'Missing', is based on?:
a) Karin Alvtegen


Annie Chernow, IL
Marilyn DeVere, TX
Eleanor Flatley, CA
Evelyn Fray, OH
Drew Lebby, Washington, DC

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