Monday, July 30, 2007

Harrogate write-up

My erstwhile Harrogate companion, crimeficreader, has now written up several of the panels and the US vs UK crime fiction debate, over on her blog. It's a shame she had to miss a day as her posts are as good as being there, for those unable to attend. Trundle over to It's a Crime! or a mystery... and get the Harrogate experience!

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cfr said...

Many thanks for the warm and very generous post!

It was good to meet you, at long last, at Harrogate. We ought to try the "meet thing" more often in future!

I wish it had been for longer, but I had a ball, as did many others. The festival truly feels like a celebration of crime fiction, doesn't it?

More so, my thanks to you personally for providing updates on the travel conditions on the Sunday. Getting home, via yet another route, proved easy in the end. I had to stand all the way to King's Cross from York (bar 15 mins when some one got off at Stevenage), but my feet could take the battering. I was also next to the unmoveable trolley, so I managed to make up for the loss of brekkie.

I'd received a text (in transit)from a friend to warn me that Paddington was overcrowded to say the least, but by the time I arrived the backlog of travellers had been cleared. I got a seat and it was sunny all the way back to Wales. Then I got the old familiar tinkling patter on the window pane the next morning. Yes, rain agin!

I was sorry to miss the Harlan Coben event on the Sunday morning, but needs must, as they say. Seeing him in the debate on Saturday night and meeting him later had me all re-invigorated for his novels. Coben is a splendid example of humanity and I now need to catch up on his novels.

But oh, there are also many other things I need to catch up on...

My many thanks again, Karen. I hope we both enjoyed the weekend to the same degree as well as that curry...