Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leo Kessler RIP

Leo Kessler died on Tuesday aged 80. From the Telegraph:
Charles Whiting, who died on Tuesday aged 80, was one of Britain's most prolific authors, with some 350 books to his credit.

Also known by the pseudonyms Leo Kessler, Duncan Harding and John Kerrigan, Whiting churned out book after book - mainly war thrillers, but also works of history - which sold millions of copies and attracted a loyal following.

His fiction was seldom reviewed in the mainstream press and, when it was, was often accused of being too violent and sensational. But Whiting always claimed that he wrote from personal experience of being an ordinary squaddie who knew what it was like to "sleep, eat, live - and perhaps die - in a muddy hole in the ground".
Read the full article here and the BBC's article here.

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boros1124 said...

The best war novels he wrote. Still like to read them. Did you know that his own experience he wrote the books? In my country the books can be purchased in gift box.