Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where are they now - Gillian Linscott?

A friend was asking me yesterday about new books by Gillian Linscott. It seems that she's not published anything since 2003. Linscott is probably most well known for her Nell Bray series about a sufragette, which currently numbers eleven. The first in the series, 'Sister Beneath the Sheet' is reviewed here at the women in world history site.

As well as a few standalones, she also wrote three books about ex policeman, Birdie Linnet early in her writing career. The first of the Birdie Linnet books is 'Healthy Body' which revolves around a French naturist centre and is reviewed here from a naturist's perspective.

If anyone can tell me if Gillian Linscott's still writing, please do drop me a note in the comments.

UPDATE Dec. 2007: Gillian Linscott is now writing as Caro Peacock.


Anonymous said...

Birdie Linnet is male, so he is an ex policeman.

Euro Crime said...

Many thanks anonymous. I've updated the post and the master bibliographies database I use for the website.

Anonymous said...

In 2004 she published Blood on the Wood w/Nell Bray. She also wrote 4 books w/Birdie Linnet (most lists miss Knightfall-1986)

Euro Crime said...

I had got Knightfall but didn't realise it was a 'Birdie' so I've updated the database. I now have 4 Birdies, 11 Brays and 3 non series. Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I, too, miss Gillian's books. I've read them all, but love best her stories about Nell Bray. I particularly want to know what happened to her after Blood on the Wood. I want her to be someone's grandmother!

Does she have a website?

Euro Crime said...

The nearest thing to a website for Gillian Linscott I think, is a profile on Tangled Web: http://www.twbooks.co.uk/authors/glinscott.html#Author.