Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Improvements on the Euro Crime Website

The bibliographies side of Euro Crime has been improved today by giving each author their own page. The top Books page is the same but then when you click on a letter you get a list of all the author names with a surname beginning with that letter eg

Also, at the top of the list is an option to view all authors within that letter at once eg which is how it was before.

In either case, clicking on the author name will bring up a page with their bibliography and details of their homepage if available.
eg Catherine Aird's page

If an author has a pseudonym, then where the information is complete for that pseudonym, there will be a link to the other name. eg on M C Beaton's page there will be a link to Marion Chesney's.

The site now has bibliographies for over 1000 European/British authors so please come and look your favourite authors up. Suggestions welcomed for further improvements and/or 'frills'.

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Maxine said...

Great, Karen, it is really impressive. You've put in a lot of effort and I think it has paid off. Definitely my first port of call for all my crime fiction needs!