Thursday, January 04, 2007

Audio books on your phone?

The Times reports:
Audio books are set to be revolutionised by a tiny card that can store up to five lengthy novels on a phone.

The card can be slotted into a mobile phone, dispensing with the need to carry up to six CDs for an audio version of a book. The technology, originally developed to store music, will be released this year by Nokia.

One title that will be available is the bestselling Looking Good Dead, by the British thriller writer Peter James. He said: “I think this will revolutionise storytelling . . . with this, you can wander off into the park, lie down and listen to a book.”

Nokia is introducing the technology initially with James’s German publisher, S Fischer Verlage. His publisher in Britain, Macmillan, is in talks for a British version. Annual sales of audio books have reached about £71 million in Britain and £435 million in America.
I like the sound of this as I'm always running out of tapes/cds when on the train.
Of course like some of my fellow travellers (well usually the young ones) I'll feel obliged to play it at full volume through the speaker so that everyone can hear...:-)

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Karen C said...

The temptation to turn it up REALLY loud at the descriptions of some bodies would be almost too much for my poor weak willpower to resist :)