Saturday, January 27, 2007

Opus Dei complain about 'Waking the Dead'

I'm one of the 7.2 million who watched the first part of last week's The Fall. I haven't yet watched part 2 but Opus Dei are not happy with the portrayal of their members as "murderers, thieves and adulterers".

Read the complaint letter from Opus Dei sent to the BBC.

A snippet of which is:
"This portrayal is lifted from the Da Vinci Code, a book and film which claimed - against all evidence - to be based on fact. Despite strenuous and well-publicised objections at the time by the Catholic Church, and despite countless press reports into Opus Dei which found the organisation innocent of Dan Brown's depiction, the BBC chose to exploit this portrayal as if it were commonplace fact."

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Anonymous said...

Refs to Opus Dei were minimum.

It was just an aside, in reality.

Another complicated plot from the producers of WTD. OD did not feature; it was an aside. After watching, I'd never link that cult of Catholicism to anything in particular. But that's me.