Thursday, August 04, 2022

New Releases - July 2022

Here's a snapshot of what I think was published for the first time in July 2022 (and is usually a UK date but occasionally will be a US or Australian date). Over 90 titles this month. If I've missed anything or got the date wrong, do please leave a comment.

Ace, Cathy - The Case of the Disgraced Duke #5 A Wise Enquiries Agency Mystery
Adler, Tim - Over Her Dead Body (ebook only)
Ægisdóttir, Eva Björg - Night Shadows #3 Forbidden Iceland tr. Victoria Cribb
Ahnhem, Stefan - The Final Nail #6 Fabian Risk tr. Agnes Broomé
Alderson, Sarah - The Cabin in the Woods
Amphlett, Rachel - Something in the Air - Case Files
Amsinck, Heidi - The Girl in the Photo #2 Jensen
Atkinson, Heather - Requiem (ebook only) #16 Dividing Line
Bilal, Parker - The Trenches #3 Crane and Drake, London
Boyle, Frankie - Meantime
Brade, Scarlett - The Hive
Bradley, Rebecca - The Broken Places (ebook only) #9 DI Hannah Robbins
Brett, Simon - Death and the Decorator #21 Carole and Jude, Fethering, Southern coast of England
Brolly, Matt - The Pier #5 Detective Louise Blackwell
Brookmyre, Christopher - The Cliff House
Burrows, Steve - A Foreboding of Petrels #7 Inspector Domenic Jejeune, Saltmarsh, Norfolk
Carrisi, Donato - The Whisperer's Game #4 Mila Vasquez tr. Katherine Gregor
Cartwright, Jack - In Cold Blood #3 Wild Fens Murder Mystery
Cavanagh, Steve - The Accomplice #7 Eddie Flynn, USA
Cleeves, Ann - The Woman on the Island (ebook only) #Vera Stanhope Short Story
Cockburn, Tormod - The Bone Trap #1 Mysterious Scotland
Comley, M A - To Condemn Them #5 DI Sam Cobbs
Cuffe, Judith - Unfollow Me
Davis, L G - Liar Liar
Daykin, Judi - An Artful Murder #4 Detective Sara Hirst, Norfolk
Doherty, Paul - Realm of Darkness #23 Hugh Corbett
Downes, Anna - The Shadow House
Dunford, Caroline - Hope for Tomorrow #3 Hope Stapleford, Secret Agent, 1939
Durrant, Helen H - Dead Real #15 Calladine & Bayliss
Ellicott, Jessica - Murder Through the English Post #6 Beryl and Edwina Mystery, 1920s
Faulkner, Jen - Keep Her Safe
Flynn, Sophie - Keep Them Close
Fowler, Christopher - Bryant & May's Peculiar London
Gerlis, Alex - Agent in Peril #2 The Wolf Pack Spies
Goldspink, Andrew - One Last Look #1 Kate Bastille
Granger, Ann - Deadly Company #16 Mitchell & Markby
Halliday, G R - Under the Marsh #3 DI Monica Kennedy, Inverness
Hancock, Penny - The Choice
Hunter, Alice - The Serial Killer's Daughter #2 Serial Killer
Hunter, Cara - Hope to Die #6 DI Adam Fawley, Oxford
Hurley, Graham - Katastrophe #7 Wars Within
Hurley, Graham - Lights Down #6 Enora Andresson
Ihren, Anna - The Ice Fisher (ebook only) #2 The Smögen Murders tr. Emma Ericson
James, Ed - Guilt Trip #5 DS Vicky Dodds
Jewell, Lisa - The Family Remains #2 The Family Upstairs
Jones, Philip Gwynne - The Angels of Venice #6 Nathan Sutherland
Judd, Alan - Queen & Country #7 Charles Thoroughgood, ex MI6
King, Samantha - Not My Child
Kovach, Carla - Find Me
Lark, J S - The Secret Couple
Leather, Stephen - Dirty War #19 Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop
Lillegraven, Ruth - Blood Ties #2 Clara Lofthus tr. Diane Oatley
Longmuir, Chris - Web of Deceit #4 Dundee Crime
Lynch, Rachel - The Line #2 Helen Scott
Mackay, Niki - Taken
MacLeary, Claire - Death Drop #5 Harcus & Laird
Mahmood, Imran - All I Said Was True
Malliet, G M - Augusta Hawke #1 Augusta Hawke
Martin, Faith - A Fatal End #8 Ryder & Loveday, Oxford, 1960s
Marwood, Alex - The Island of Lost Girls
Masters, S R - The Trial
Matheson, Nadine - The Binding Room #2 DI Henley, London
McLean, Rachel - Blood and Money #1 McBride & Tanner
Mills, Mark - Impact #1 Bodine and Fuller
Mina, Denise - Confidence #2 Anna McDonald
Moore, Ian - Death and Fromage #2 Follet Valley Mystery
O'Brien, Jenny - Cold Grave #6 Detective Gaby Darin
Osborne, Abigail - The Good Husband
Petersen, Christoffer - Arctic Rebound (ebook only) #5 Guerrilla Greenland
Petersen, Christoffer - Crocodile Beat (ebook only) #Greenland Missing Persons
Probyn, Jack - The Eye (ebook only) #3 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
Probyn, Jack - In Heaven And Hell (ebook only) #4 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files  
Probyn, Jack - Blackout (ebook only) #5 DC Jake Tanner SO15 Files
Reeve, Alex - The Blood Flower #4 Leo Stanhope, Victorian era
Rigby, Sally - Broken Screams #12 DCI Whitney Walker & Dr Georgina Cavendish
Russell, Michael - The City Underground #7 Garda Detective Stefan Gillespie
Ryan, Joanne - One Night
Selman, Victoria - Truly, Darkly, Deeply
Shah, R D - The Fallen #2 The Disavowed
Sheridan, Sarah - The Temptress
Sibson, Tom - Five Down
Simpson, Carla - A Deadly Affair #1 Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe, Victorian London
Skelton, Douglas - Where Demons Hide #4 Rebecca Connolly
Stone, Alex - The Other Girlfriend
Tallon, Emma - Her Payback #4 Scarlet Drew
Todd, Marion - Old Bones Lie #6 DI Clare Mackay
Tope, Rebecca - Betrayal in the Cotswolds #20 Thea Osborne, House Sitter, Cotswolds
Tremayne, Peter - Death of a Heretic #31 Sister Fidelma
Trow, M J - The Yeoman's Tale #2 Geoffrey Chaucer
Unge, Christian - A Grain of Truth #2 Dr Tekla Berg tr. George Goulding & Sarah De Senarclens
van der Werf, Gerwin - The Hitchhiker (ebook only) tr. David Colmer
Walsh, Alexandra - The Jane Seymour Conspiracy #4 Marquess House
Watson, Katy - The Three Dahlias #1 Dahlia Lively
Weaver, Ashley - The Key to Deceit #2 Electra McDonnell
Wood, Michael - The Lost Children #9 DCI Matilda Darke

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