Friday, December 16, 2016

Website Updates: December 2016

I've updated the main files on the Euro Crime website today. Euro Crime includes both British and other European crime fiction writers (that have been published in English); non-British/European born crime writers who are strongly associated with British/European crime fiction (eg. Donna Leon), and crime writers in translation from outside of Europe.

Just a couple of reminders regarding the New Releases page:

1. The main by month/by author pages refer to when a book is published (in English) anywhere in the world however the 'by category ie historical, translated etc' is specific to the UK eg Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy series which was published in the US in the 2000s (and on) is only recently published in the UK and so some of her books appear in the 2016 Historical list.*

2. When a book is released "early" in ebook I am taking the publication date as to be when the print edition comes out (this is the rule we use for determining Petrona Award eligibility).

*I've also added the breakdowns for 2017: ie published in the UK in 2017 (ALL, Anthology, First Novel, Historical, Translated) - NB the Anthology one is currently blank.

As always, if you spot something wrong or missing, please do let me know.

Here's a summary of the usual updates:

The Author Websites page now lists 1060 sites.

In Bibliographies there are now bibliographies for 2409 authors (12077 titles of which 3035 are reviewed).

I've added new bibliographies for: Stephan Abarbanell, Ross Armstrong, Jackie Baldwin, Haylen Beck, Sam Blake, Maria Angelica Bosco, Rebecca Bradley, Steinar Bragi, Graeme Macrae Burnet, Sam Carrington, Clare Chase, E O Chirovici, Angela Clarke, Aoife Clifford, T A Cotterell, Simon Crane, Michelle Davies, Sandrone Dazieri, J P Delaney, A C Efverman, Jim Eldridge, Emily Elgar, Marc Elsberg, David Essex, Hendrik Falkenberg, Agnete Friis, Martin Cathcart Froden, Arjin Gaind, Malin Persson Giolito, Karo Hamalainen, Adam Hamdy, Mark Hardie, Sarah Hawkswood, Lucy V Hay, Chan Ho-Kei, Catherine Ryan Howard, Sanjida Kay, T E Kinsey, Joseph Knox, R J Koreto, Pol Koutsakis, Mary Lawrence, Molly MacRae, Alyssa Maxwell, Kathleen McKay, Andree Michaud, Caroline Mitchell, Anita Nair, James Nally, Graham Norton, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Chris Ould, Nikki Owen, Mary Paulson-Ellis, Steven Price, Jaime Raven, Rachel Rhys, Liselotte Roll, M B Shaw, Asle Skredderberget, Gard Sveen, Theresa Talbot, C J Tudor, Richard Marggraf Turley, Stuart Turton, Sam Wilson and Les Wood.

I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Jane Adams, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Catherine Aird, Tasha Alexander, David Ashton, Annis Bell, Matt Bendoris, Mark Billingham, Jorgen Brekke, Simon Brett, Neil Broadfoot, Frances Brody, Christopher Brookmyre, Gordon Brown, Alison Bruce, Fiona Buckley, Sheila Bugler, Michel Bussi, Andrea Camilleri, M J Carter, CJ Carver, Jane Casey, C S Challinor, Ed Chatterton, Ann Cleeves, Martina Cole, John Connolly, Sheila Connolly, Lesley Cookman, Paul Cornell, Deborah Crombie, A J Cross, Judith Cutler, Lisa Cutts, Arne Dahl, K O Dahl, Paula Daly, Augusto De Angelis, Oscar de Muriel, Julianna Deering, Hannah Dennison, P C/Paul Doherty, Eva Dolan, David Downing, Carola Dunn, Matthew Dunn, Kjell Eriksson, Charles Finch, Christopher Fowler, Pascal Garnier, Phyllis Gobbell, Andrew Grant, Alex Gray, Susanna Gregory, Mari Hannah, Cora Harrison, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, Annie Hauxwell, Elizabeth Haynes, Veronica Heley, Mandasue Heller, Sarah Hilary, Matt Hilton, Anne Holt, Alex Howard, Graham Hurley, Gary Inbinder, Arnaldur Indridason, James H/James Jackson, Bill James, P D James, Hanna Jameson, Diane Janes, Doug Johnstone, Ragnar Jonasson, Will Jordan, Alan Judd, Jessie Keane, Erin Kelly, Simon Kernick, Philip Kerr, Vaseem Khan, Laurie R King, Roberta Kray, Lynda La Plante, David Lagercrantz, Stephen Leather, Adam Lebor, Leena Lehtolainen, Catherine Lloyd, Shona/S G MacLean, Susan Elia MacNeal, Adrian Magson, Barry Maitland, Karen Maitland, G M Malliet, Scott Mariani, David Mark, Edward Marston, Andrew Martin, Priscilla Masters, Peter May, Luke McCallin, Andy McDermott, Claire McGowan, Andy McNab, Deon Meyer, Mark Mills, Thomas Mogford, Susan Moody, Mandy Morton, Fiona Mountain, Amy Myers, Barbara Nadel, Jo Nesbo, Chris Nickson, Hilary Norman, Martin O'Brien, Nick Oldham, Fredrik T Olsson, James Oswald, Chris Pavone, Caro Peacock, Anne Perry, Sarah Pinborough, Sheila Quigley, Anthony J Quinn, Deanna Raybourn, Mary Reed and Eric Mayer, Kate Rhodes, Phil Rickman, Rosemary Rowe, Pauline Rowson, Michael Russell, Leigh Russell, Rob/Robert Ryan, Simon Scarrow, Gerald Seymour, William Shaw, Paige Shelton, Stav Sherez, Mel Sherratt, Jeffrey Siger, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Frank Smith, Jo Spain, Anton Svensson, Lesley Thomson, Helene Tursten, L C Tyler, Fred Vargas, Alex Walters, Sarah Ward, Ashley Weaver, Kerry Wilkinson, Jake Woodhouse, A J Wright, Felicity Young and Joakim Zander.

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