Friday, February 06, 2015

Two Podcasts - Sartarelli & Staalesen

Two podcasts to listen to next week on the commute:

Firstly, I'm grateful to Jose Ignacio from The Game's Afoot for posting the following to the wonderful crime and mystery fiction friendfeed group (all are welcome):
Australian radio interview with Stephen Sartarelli, translator of Andrea Camilleri's Inspector Montalbano series and Marco Vichi's Inspector Bordelli series.

And secondly, I received an email pointing me towards the Yarncast interview with Euro Crime favourite, Norwegian crime writer Gunnar Staalesen:
Norwegian crime writer Gunnar Staalesen, creator of the private detective Varg Veum ( discusses his career, how plots are constructed, and the influence of Norway, and especially his hometown of Bergen, on his brand of 'nordic noir.' With readings by Staalesen from the English-language translations of his Varg Veum novels.

Both interviews can be downloaded and saved as mp3s. (NB. I haven't listened to them yet.)

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